Get the nutrients, forget the taste!
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  • 100% Natural & Hand-picked Premium Bentong Ginger
  • 100% Addictive & Preservative Free
  • 100% Purity with Gingerol as Active Ingredient
  • Lab Test Proven to Ensure Quality and Purity
  • Free of Chemicals, Pesticide, Mercury, Lead and more
  • Vegan & HALAL certified by Jakim
  • Fomulated by Herlia Professional Nutritionists Team
  • Exclusive & Advanced Technology
  • Convenience, Taste Good & Sustainable
  • Readers' Choice Awards for The Best Woman's Vitality Product
  • Effective Results Proven by 10,000+ Customers


Do you know that the health benefits of ginger are mainly attributed to it's active ingredient, which is called Gingerol!
WHY you should only take Ginger Extract but not the whole fresh ginger? Let' take a look WHY!
Herlia Ginger Extract
Fresh Ginger
Counterfeits / Other brands
Active Ingredient - Gingerol100%10-15%5%
SubstancesPure GingerolNot pure - contains carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids and othersNot pure - same as fresh / grounded ginger and mostly added sugar
Chemical / pesticideFree of Addictive & Chemicals with lab test provenMostly containsMostly contains
Size of moleculesVery FineLarge (containing other substances)Large (containing other substances)
NutrientsNutrient 100% kept & remainedNutrient loss during washing, cutting and cookingNutrient loss during manufacturing, grounding and making
TasteTaste GoodStrong PungentStrong Pungent
StorageEasy to be kept and longer shelf lifeLimited shelf life due to easily grow moldEasily getting clumping and hardening
ConvenienceConsume it effortlesslyLots of preparation work neededHot water and brewing needed, too hot & spicy to consume
ResultsEffective (proven by 10,000+ customer)SlowSlow
Hence, we choose to use 100% Bentong Ginger EXTRACT for our products, through the exclusive & advanced extraction process, to make sure the nutrients remained and at the same time taste good too!


Every 'HER' at the Feminine Life Cycle

Teenage Girl

A girl's first period is a major milestone in her life, it marks the shift from girlhood to womanhood

The Maiden

Don't let menstrual problems (i.e. period pain, irregular period, period flow, PMS) ruin your amazing daily activities

The Wife

Getting ready to start a family by welcoming a new baby into your life? Even if you're not, it's time to take better care and maintain your body to stay healthy and glowing


First, Second & Third Trimester; Every stage of pregnancy brings different concerns and symptoms during pregnancy- Say bye bye to pregnancy symptoms!

Postpartum mother

Congratulations on the arrival of your newborn baby! The Golden Month- This is the most important period for the mummy to recover, regain energy and restore the vitality.

The Elder

Has Menopause hit you? Every woman goes through this stage- Menopause can be difficult to manage, it affects your body physically and mentally. No more frustration in Menoapuse!

What about 'HIM'?

Even though Herlia is specially designed based on women's perspective, however Herlia® is made using 100% of Bentong Ginger Extract with brings many benefits for MEN too!

Why Our Customers Love Herlia?

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Get the nutrients, forget the taste!
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