Herlia® Naturals Ginger Vita

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100% natural Bentong Ginger Extract formulated effectively to:
  • Reduce Period Pain
  • Improve Digestion & Alleviate Bloating
  • Help in Weight Loss
  • Immune Booster
  • Aging Deceleration
  • Warming up Cold Hands & Feet
  • Improve Oral Hygiene & Freshness and Soothing Throats
2 tablets =250mg Bentong Ginger Extract

Suitable for Vegans & Halal Certified by Jakim.
Best for Pregnant & Confinement Women.

Each bottle contains 60 tablets 

For optimal results, it is highly recommended to adhere to a minimum treatment cycle of at least 2 bottles.

Health Benefits

Solutions. Convenience.

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HERLIA® NATURALS GINGER VITA is made using the highest quality ginger originated from Bentong, Malaysia. We begin the process by extracting fresh ginger and later form them into an easy to consume & convenient tablet form.
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Usage Direction

  • Consume 2 tablets a day with meals
  • Store below 30°C in a cool or dry place


Recommended to start with 3 bottles for optimal results.
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Each Tablets Contains:

100% Pure Bentong Ginger
Per 100g
Energy273 kcal (1147 kJ)
Dietary Fibre36.4g
Total Sugars19.7g
Special sizing procedures to make sure one bottle fits one-month supply and easy to bring-a-long anywhere at the same time.
Perfect color mixing specially done for the overall design of this bottle.
Premium Gold Cap
Smoothly manufactured gold color cap that enhance the experience of uncapping te bottle.
Take this around and feel the fashion, it's also super instagrammable! Consume your daily dosage whenever you want.

4.9 · 81 reviews

Diana Wong

PMS gone!

Reviewed 2 years ago
It’s good! For me I don’t have period pain but always have very bad PMS before period, bloating, body heavy and breast pain. After taking Herlia, surprisingly I don’t feel anything anymore before period!

Period pain improved

Reviewed 2 years ago
After start taking only around 2 weeks before my last period, i can already feel my period pain is not as pain as like time during my period. I feel shocked on this amazing results! Will continue to consume

Thank youu 😘

Reviewed 2 years ago
It does solve my period pain! I'm taking daily, not only solve my period pain and my period become more accurate and normally lasts for 4-6 days. So happy!
Katrina Lee

This product is so so so amazing

Reviewed 2 years ago
I wish I have met HERLIA earlier, so I won’t need to suffer from my period pain and also my cold hand. My problems are really solved.